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Why are Ceramic Coatings so expensive?

We often get asked why Ceramic Coatings are so expensive. Most ranging in price between $40 and up to $300. If you have a professional Detailer do the job, the sky is the limit, most prices ranging between $600-$3000. We will get more into that later. It comes down to multiple factors, the ingredients in the coating, the name on the label, the level of hardness, and ultimately what the maker of the coating wants to charge for it.

In today's world we have to come to the realization that along the supply chain there are multiple people who have to get paid along the way before the product reaches the consumer. So let’s break it down step by step, We will use our product Graphene Ceramic as an example and answer why that tiny little bottle costs so much. 

Step one starts with an idea of what we want to gain from our product, how we want it to perform, what elements we want it to stand up to, and how long we want it to last. We have a fair idea as detailers what is in the products we use every day, what we do not think about is how the ingredients get into the bottle. It starts with speaking with a chemist. Now we can chase this topic down the rabbit hole and talk about the years of education involved with that chemist, and we all know how much education cost. For simplicity we will just tell you it is not cheap. So that expense is in that tiny bottle as well. 

Step two, we have spoken with the Chemist, and now we have to have them actually develop the product. Keep in mind all the magical things we want our product to do, make the car shine, leave a solid level of protection, and last a really long time. Using our product Graphene Ceramic as an example we will tell you it has three very expensive components inside of it. The first and main ingredient that you will find in most all Ceramic Coatings is Silicon Dioxide (Si02). The second is Graphene Composites, the third is Titanium Dioxide (Ti02). In another blog we will get into why we selected those three ingredients. 

Step three, after trial and error the Chemist has made our product. Now per our standards it has to be rigorously tested. This means we have to apply to multiple vehicles, in multiple environments and measure the deuteriation over an extended period of time so we can see how long the coating will last. Just like everything it is hardly ever right the first time. So, after many rounds of trial and error we have come to the formulation of wonderful components that we want to pack in that tiny bottle for you to enjoy. 

Step four, we cannot just send you a bag full of liquid ceramic and call it good. We have multiple label requirements that we must add to the label so you know what you are getting into when you use the products. That requires a Chemical Label Advisor, yep you guessed it more money. Even more complex labeling if you live in California. Now we have to make a label, and a box and wrap it in a pretty little bow so it can be sold to you. Just to let you in on a little secret, the American Consumer pays a lot of unnecessary costs for packaging, so it appeals to the consumer to buy the product. We have simplified ours down to try to look pretty but not pass all of that cost on to you, the consumer. 

The process is more complex than this but we have summarized just to get the message across. Now the question will arise, if that process goes into every chemical, why don't they all cost that much? It comes down to what you are asking the product to do. Think of it this way, what does a Shelby GT 500 do that a basic Ford Mustang does not do. Afterall they are both Ford Mustangs

I once saw an advertisement that said something to the effect of "when you pay for a Ceramic Coating, you pay for one thing.... Silicon Dioxide." That is simply bullshit, put that hot garbage right out of your mind. If that was the case then send me a bag of Silicon Dioxide and shut the fuck up with your nonsense. There is a lot packed into that tiny bottle, or any bottle for that matter, it’s just what you are asking the product to do. We hope this blog post shines some light on why Ceramic Coating cost so much. If you are looking for a good one check out our Graphene Ceramic, you will not be disappointed. 

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