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Our Story is different than most in how it all started. It started with a passion for detailing, but it also started because we were pissed off. We know that is not what you would expect to read in an about us story but we will give it to you straight. We simply hated that we were buying useless chemicals and products that not only made elaborate claims, but simply couldn't accomplish the simple task they were purchased for. We felt there had to be a better way, that it should not take a whole box full of products that were for one specific purpose to get a great detail. 

We set out to change the way things are done and simplify the detailing process. We are not about making bold claims that our products will change your life, or can take your rust bucket and turn it into a Lambo. Our products will do what we say they will do, and they will do it effectively and efficiently. It is pretty sad that in todays world that simple claim is setting the bar high. Our goal is not to sell you one version of a product that only does one thing, but one product that accomplishes multiple things. It was not an easy task, all of our products go through rigorous testing, lots of trial and error of different formulas and products, we finally developed a line of products that will simply do what we say they will do if used correctly. 

There is over 20 years of detailing experience behind our products and methods. We still believe that our way is not the way, it's a way. We are still constantly learning and evolving as technology and methods progress. We are happy to show you how we do things, and always available to answer questions you might have. Customer Service in today's world is also something we are pissed about. When you call or write Nighthawk Brand, you will reach someone in Nevada or Texas who will work to find a solution to whatever issue you have. 

Part of what makes a detailer great is seeing what is not seen. There are three owners of Nighthawk Brand, all coming from Blue Collar backgrounds. We see these modern day heroes go unseen on a day to day basis. That is the reason behind our Blue Collar Discount program. We are everyday hard working people just like you. To us our customers are not numbers or marketing statistics, or an investment to return ratio, you are people, people who count on us to provide you with excellent products and service. We thank you and are honored that you have given us the opportunity to share our passion with you.