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The Blue-Collar Discount is something near and dear to us at Nighthawk Brand. The American Blue-Collar worker is the backbone and main support of American Society today. We all too often forget that. These folks are heroic to us, and we feel it's time they get recognition for the tremendous work they do every day. American Men and Women putting it all on the line every day, and many paying the ultimate sacrifice. Nighthawk Brand fully recognizes these hard-working dedicated people as modern-day heroes. We understand the hard work, blood, sweat, and sacrifice it takes for you to make that monthly payment on your rig. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you take care of it. All-American Blue-Collar folks will receive 15% off of all of their purchases at Nighthawk Brand. 

How it works 

Sign up for an account and our newsletter on our store front. We do Not spam email; we only send out useful information. We rattled our minds trying to figure out a verification process for this discount, this is the best we could come up with. Send an email to and send us some kind of proof that you are a Blue Collar American, it can be as simple as your name, email address, and a selfie of you doing God's work. If you have a Union Card even better, send us a photo of that. Also state your profession, and your designated position in the email. We will not share your information or anything you put in the email unless you give us permission. Once approved we will send you and email with a code that is applied to your account, we will set to automatically apply your discount, but in the event the auto setting does not work, just type in the code. Please give us a day or two to review your application. Codes may change at any time so keep an eye out for an email from us.  We know that Blue Collar covers a vast variety of professions, so if we did not include it in the list below, let us know and we will add it. For now, the following professions qualify for the blue-collar discount. 

Qualifying professions: Note: you will be required to state your position, some positions will not qualify within any given profession, at the discretion of Nighthawk Brand LLC.




Mill Workers


Steel, Iron, and Fabrication Workers

UPS (Union Only)

USPS (Carrier or Clerk or Processing)

Fedex (Driver's or Processing)

Electricians or Powerline Workers

Oil Drilling and Refining



Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercial Drivers

Road Workers (Government and Private)

Heavy Equipment Operators

Loggers/Arborists/Tree Workers



Blacksmiths and Machinists 

Well and Septic



Local and State Sworn Law Enforcement 

Community Service Officers/ Animal Control

Emergency Dispatchers


Fire Prevention Techs


Waste Management or local equivalent

We are in the process of developing an active Military and Veterans Discount Program, in the meantime active Military and Veterans will be eligible for the Blue-Collar Discount.

If you feel your profession should be listed and we did not include it, please contact us at

In the meantime, here is a photo of Nighthawk Brand Blue-Collar Associate "Leroy" for you all to enjoy.